Job Assistance

Volunteer Work Experience Program:

We arrange a schedule for our students to volunteer at various medical-related offices in order to gain valuable work experience, this helps students build the credentials they need to pursue employment opportunities in a field that is constantly growing and full of job opportunities.

Resume Assistance Program:

Our instructors will assist students by critiquing their resume and cover letter. Suggestions will be made to improve the resume in order to appeal to potential employers within the medical field.

Resume and Cover Letter Composition:

In order to help our students find a position in the work force the instructors at theĀ  Medical Reception College offer a resume preparation service to our students. Included, students will receive a detailed professional resume, a cover letter, and if requested, a letter of reference based on your performance in the program.

Job Hunt Assistance:

Because of our affiliations with various medical facilities, we are often contacted by facility managers regarding open positions, before advertising these vacant positions to the general public. We also make the effort of finding open positions via job postings and through contacts at employment assistance centers.

Career Opportunities After Graduation:

  • Ambulatory/Outpatient departments
  • Walk-in care centers
  • Physicians offices, clinics, mental health care and allied health care centers
  • Research facilities
  • Complementary and alternative medicine clinics such as chiropractic and acupuncture centers
  • Diagnostic Lab/X-ray departments
  • Medical finance and administrative departments
  • Daycare and ambulatory clinics
  • Long term and extended care departments
  • Hospital Admitting/ER departments, such as switchboard, cashier, information and patient registration

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